Feeding the Furnace with Broken Glass

Filling the glass shards into the furnace is a process that can be started once the temperature reached above 1200°C during heating up and after the critical expansions are completed. The reason for expansion is that the heat transfer change that may occur with the glass cullet entering the furnace affects the expansions negatively.

The amount of cullet feed is adjusted by observing the melting condition. Calculation of the glass cullet feeding amount can be made in advance since the total amount and heat exchange to be fed in the heating up program under normal conditions are known. Although it can be fed in the threshing after reaching above 1450°C, recently if there is sufficient and high-quality glass cullet on hand, cullet feeding is preferred until the furnace heat level is completed. The feeding of the cullet requires a vibrating feeder, a chute from which air can be blown from the back, a fan and its electrical system. The design of the chute and the fan power used are determined by the amount of cullet to be fed in.

At the same time, it is decisive in the place where the glass cullet will be fed. If there is a dog house, the tip of the chute is not damaged because it will not be exposed to much heat. But if the end of the chute from the dog house area goes into the furnace, a certain part of the chute will have a water jacket on the front.

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