Container Glass Furnaces

Container Glass Furnaces, as you can understand from the name, is a type of furnace that manufactures glass products used to preserve a certain thing. Some examples of these are jars, test tubes, and medicine bottles. The production steps are delicate, and with proper planning, it is possible to produce glass containers that are corrosion proof. Anadolu Cam, Gural Cam and Park Cam are among the largest container glass manufacturers in Turkey. 

Container Glass Furnaces are constructed as continuously operating  melting glass furnaces form. This type of furnace is used in most of all glassmaking operations. In fact, we can say that the same furnace is used for all products except optical glass and handmade glass. Container glass furnaces,with a lifetime of up to 15 years, are designed to operate for 24 hours a day and can perform large-scale production. In recent years, furnaces with a daily capacity of up to 700 tons have been built. 

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