Glass To Glass ( Cold Repair)

Glass-to-glass application includes stopping the existing glass melting furnace before cold repair, removing the glass inside, pouring the glass again after the necessary repair and installation processes. Since no glass can be produced in this process, the process is called glass-to-glass.

Glass-to-glass application actually involves more than one process. First, the temperature of the furnace must be lowered. Afterward, the frozen glass in it must be broken (glass shattering) or the fluid glass must be drained (glass draining) and the personnel on the furnace should be in a position to perform the necessary repair or breaking operations. Once the processes are completed, the company becomes ready for production with the heating of the furnace (heat-up), flow of the glass operations, and the glass-to-glass process is obtained.

Application time is very important in glass-to-glass practice. As no production can be made during this period, if the company does not start production again within the specified deadline, it will cause disruptions to all business plans. Therefore, it is very important the personnel to have the competence and the right equipment in the glass-to-glass application. Firms with sufficient resources and professionalism should be preferred, which can quickly eliminate the disruptions that may arise during the process and compensate for the delays with quick reactions.

A team experienced in glass-to-glass service uses this limited time efficiently by planning these transactions that require different fields of expertise. As Glasstech Refractory, we have been providing service to our customers for more than 20 years with the confidence that we have made glass-to-glass applications in 31 different projects without any delay with our professional teams.

Glass furnace cold repair is the name given to the repair operations performed after the furnace is cooled and emptied. It is the preferred method for repairing damages that are too hard to be repaired by the hot repair method and for redesigning the furnace, if necessary. In the Glass furnace cold repair method, since the furnace is completely emptied, the refractory master finds it possible to work comfortably. Every part of the furnace is checked and the necessary repairs and maintenance are made. For example, bricks that are completely worn out and have lost their refractory feature can be replaced by this method. Glass furnace cold repair is also a method used to change the design of the furnace. If a new section needs to be added to the furnace or the design of the existing sections needs to be changed, the cold repair method will be preferred.

Fast, Reliable and Professional Service

Glass furnace cold repair method must be completed within a short time, as it requires the furnace to be completely shut down and thus production to be stopped. However, even in this short time, occupational safety and quality should not be compromised. GlassTech Refractory offers you more than 20 years of experience with a team of experts in glass furnace cold repair works. Our professional team will determine the most appropriate repair methods and furnace type for you and perform them quickly and meticulously. This ensures that the compulsory break in production is minimized as much as possible. Once the glass furnace cold repair procedures are complete, your furnace will be ready to operate more efficiently than before. Building the eroded walls and reheating the furnace are part of our works. All of this work is accompanied by daily reports according to our quality standards. Since the glass furnace cold repair is usually part of the glass to glass fabrication process, all planning is done in a minimum number of days. 

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