Fiberglass Furnaces (Insulation Material Furnaces)

Insulation Material Furnaces; as you can understand from the name, are industrial furnaces used to produce insulation materials. Examples of insulation materials are; rock wool, glass wool and thermal insulation materials (such as those covered on the outside of buildings or roofs). Izocam and ODE are currently the largest manufacturers of insulation materials in Turkey.

Insulation materials save energy and also help to reduce the damage caused by global warming. Their elastic structure also absorbs sound waves and provides sound insulation, especially in residential areas. They do not catch fire up to high temperatures, so they are preferred in industries such as automotive and aviation. This is an industry with a very low environmental impact because mostly recycled materials are used in production. The production of insulation materials is generally similar to the production of glass. In fact, glass wool production is almost the same as glass production and uses glass waste that is recycled with sand. Insulation material furnaces are entire units that mix, melt, produce fiber, and finally cut and pack the raw materials and present them ready for use.

The insulation industry is a fast-growing industry. GlassTech Refractory offers expertise in insulation furnaces as well as all industrial furnaces and professionally performs refractory lining installation, refractory dismantle, hot repair and maintenance, and steel fabrication and assembly operations. 

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