Furnace Disassembly

Glass Industry furnaces and the refractory materials used in these furnaces have a certain lifetime. When this lifetime expires, the industrial furnace becomes unable to perform its intended production. Therefore, it must be dismantled. This process is generally called furnace refractory disassembly. Refractory disassembly is a task that needs to be done as meticulously as refractory assembly. This is because refractory furnaces have a large amount of materials that can be reused. Likewise, the materials obtained after disassembly will be subjected to the refractory recycling process. Therefore, the dismantling of industrial furnace refractories should be carried out with great care and should aim to rescue as many materials as possible.

Refractory Furnace Dismantling Operations
GlassTech Refractory specializes in refractory assembly and refractory dismantle operations. Glass breaking and refractory removal operations are carried out quickly and effectively by our professional staff with the necessary training. The scope of our refractory dismantling service includes cooling the furnace, removing the glass and steel parts inside, separating the materials suitable for reuse, and recycling the remaining material, which is considered as rubble. In other words, not only refractory dismantling is carried out, but also reducing the production costs in an environmentally friendly manner. This is because the raw materials obtained as a result of refractory recycling will be used in the construction of other refractory units.

GlassTech Refractory is aware of the burden on business due to the long downtime of industrial furnaces. Therefore, the refractory dismantling processes are completed extremely quickly. Nevertheless, occupational safety is not compromised and efforts are still being made to recover as much materials as possible. To complete the refractory dismantling process quickly, state-of-the-art technology equipment is used. All non-hazardous wastes are delivered to companies that have obtained a license from the Ministry of Environment. Hazardous waste materials (chimney duct, regenerator - chimney slag, regenerator - furnace refractories, insulation materials, etc.) are placed in appropriate packaging and decommissioned. GlassTech Refractory, as the first choice of the leading brands of Turkey, offers you the highest quality service in glass furnace refractory disassembly and dismantling processes.

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