Thermal Furnace Cleaning

Glass Melting Furnaces are established with the principle of long-term continuous operation. The materials introduced into the blend are sometimes not of the required purity. This causes clogging in regenerators at high temperatures over time. Blocked regenerators reduce the thermal efficiency of furnaces and increase the cost per ton of glass produced. Cleaning of regenerators is an effective solution that is frequently used in terms of both production capacity and increasing efficiency.

Reasons for preferring Thermal Furnace Cleaning;
It increases the thermal efficiency of the furnace - reaches the same temperature with less energy
Eliminates unscheduled furnace repairs - longer term work
It reduces the fuel cost of the furnace - more profitable operation by reducing costs

The main cause of clogging in regenerators is the condensation of sulfates. Two methods are generally used in regenerator cleaning. In the first method, a burner is mounted under the regenerator chamber and the temperature is increased gradually. The maximum temperature limit is made with customer approval depending on the refractory materials.
The sulfates begin to dissolve and sink to the bottom of the regenerators, where they can be collected in the sandbox and removed after redissolution. This operation can be performed simultaneously or several times in succession without interrupting production.
Another method is used first to detect the clogged eyes in the regenerators. The burner is then extended and opened by the inversion method, and the cleaning process takes place. Both methods achieve the same efficient result.

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