Tableware Furnaces

Furnaces that produce glassware used for domestic and decorative purposes are called tableware glass lines. Paşabahçe Cam Sanayi, Gural Cam, LAV and Marmara Cam are currently the largest tableware glass manufacturers in Turkey. Tableware glass lines are used for the production of this type of glassware products. Tableware glass lines are the units that melt, purify, cool and homogenize the raw material by fusion method and make them ready for shaping. They are produced to work continuously and have a lifetime of up to  15 years if the project is properly planned and well-executed. 

The production capacity of tableware glass lines ranges from 20 to 300 tons per day. The area of melting sections can range from 20 to 200 square meters. They are high-efficiency furnaces where energy and heat loss are minimized due to their regenerative properties.

GlassTech Refractory has serious knowledge and experience in tableware glass furnace refractory lining installation, refractory dismantle, hot repairs and maintenance, steel structures fabrication and assembly services. You can also benefit from our turn-key project services of Glasstech Refractory, with more than twenty years of experience in the glass melting furnaces field. 

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