Refractory material recycling is an important issue in terms of both production costs and environmental health. Recycling and re-use of end-of-life refractory materials is increasingly preferred. Thanks to the advanced techniques used during recycling, there is no difference between the thermal stability of the refractory materials produced in this way and the refractory materials produced for the first time. Thus refractory material recycling is a process that can be performed with great efficiency. However, preparation for recycling is an extremely complex process.

This is because the refractory materials to be recycled during disassembly can be very different in quality. When a refractory furnace is dismantled, a large number of parts will be exposed. It is not possible to subject these parts to the same recycling process without separation. Therefore, refractory materials are first classified according to their types, qualities and structures. Then the refractory material should be made as pure as possible, for example, the iron, steel and slag residues in it should be separated from the refractory material. After all, it is necessary to pulverize the refractory material by grinding, heating or applying pressure. At every stage of the process, necessary precautions should be taken to prevent the materials from being affected by dust and moisture. An efficient refractory material recycling will ensure that nearly 40% of the wastes obtained are re-used.

Glass Furnace Recycling
GlassTech Refractory performs the necessary dismantling work to incorporate the construction materials of the glass furnace into the recovery process and passes them on to the refractory material recycling companies it works with. Our company, which has completed the refractory disassembly operations with its team of experts works with companies licensed by the Ministry of Environment to ensure that materials such as glass, refractories and steel are suitable for recycling and are in the non-hazardous waste group. Materials in the hazardous waste group are packaged appropriately and taken out of the business. Our employees, equipped with special equipment, complete refractory dismantling in the shortest possible time. The meticulousness to be shown during this process will ensure to get much more items for refractory material recycling.

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