Glass Furnace Performance Inspection and Maintenance

Glass furnaces can be subject to abrasion during their lifetime due to high temperatures and abrasive components. For example, abrasion may occur as a result of glass-refractory interactions at the glass level or in the throat area, and clogging may occur in regenerators due to reactions between combustion gases and refractory in the regenerator area. For this reason, regular maintenance of glass furnaces is required to maintain proper operating conditions.

In this regard, our company conducts on-site inspections of glass furnaces, monitors the operating parameters, and carries out maintenance works, if necessary.

In addition, cracks or fractures may occur in the internal structure of the furnace due to the interaction between the gas mixture and the refractory structure in operating furnaces. Through endoscopy, the internal furnace structure can be observed during operation and our company can provide consultancy services on the necessary precautions to be taken.

Besides this concept, our company usually monitors the performance control of the glass furnace and the surrounding equipment, as well as the regular maintenance time for our customers, and plans to conduct the necessary maintenance works at the earliest possible time.

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