Float Glass Furnaces

Float Glass furnaces are one of the most widely used units in the glass industry. Because the items produced in this branch of the glass industry have a wide variety of uses. Examples of these are house glass, building exterior cladding glass, frosted glass, automotive glass, a glass of household items such as furnaces and refrigerators. In other words, float glass furnaces perform a very wide range of production. It is possible to identify the largest float glass producers in Turkey as Trakya Cam Sanayi (Sisecam Group) and Düzce Cam Sanayi. GlassTech Refractory is a continuous contractor for both companies.

Float Glass Furnaces require large investments and include complex units. The width of the molten glass beds can be up to 400 square meters. These are furnaces that operate continuously and are expected to operate 7/24.  The daily production capacity of properly designed  furnaces with quality refractory materials can reach 1,200 tons per day. Considering a long lifetime aim, it is obvious that float glass furnaces refractory assembly (lining installation) operations should be carried out with great care.

GlassTech Refractory has over twenty years of experience in the glass melting furnace industry and is a supplier of leading brands in Turkey and worldwide . Your float glass furnaces refractory lining installation, refractory dismantle, heat- up, hot repair and maintenance, steel structure fabrication and assembly operations can be performed by our professional and experienced staff at affordable prices  and they are ready to provide the necessary support to optimize your efficiency.  

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