Hot Repair

What is Glass Furnace Hot Repair?
Hot repair is the name of the repairs and maintenance carried out while the furnace is still operating. The operating temperature of the furnace is not reduced, and there is no need to stop production. In the glass furnace hot repair process, first of all, the repair works the furnace will need are determined by the heat-resistant special equipment’s. Special teams enter the furnace while it is still at operating temperature and repair the worn parts using various chemicals. Generally, the method of spraying powdered chemicals is used. These chemicals change their chemical structures under high temperature, clog the gaps and cracks in the furnace and enable the furnace to continue operating without interruption. Understandably, glass furnace hot repair requires highly trained personnel and the use of specialized equipment. This is because the team that will perform the operation should pay attention to both their own safety and the thermal resistance of the furnace. This is not a job that can be done by an ordinary repair team, and special and detailed training is required.

Professional Service with Special Teams
GlassTech Refractory, with its experienced and professional team carries out your glass furnace hot repair works with great care. The intervention made while the furnace is in operation is completed without interrupting the production process. Repairing and rehabilitating worn systems are done without any restrictions on the furnace operation mode. It is possible to continue your production both during and after the repair process, if required. Special equipment and materials we use enable us to provide you with the best quality glass furnace hot repair services. Our experienced employees perform all operations quickly and without compromising on occupational safety.

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