Solid Waste Incinerators

Waste disposal and recycling is an extremely complex process, and solid waste incinerators are at the center of this process. Solid Waste Incinerators, at their simplest definition, are facilities that turn waste into gas by burning them. It turns all of the waste that goes into them into a gas or harmless residue. It is a device that is used in large industries that produce waste. Especially large urban municipalities destroy their waste with Solid Waste Incinerators. In our previous project, the Buski Additive Waste Incinerator, waste was incinerated and turned into electricity generation.

Solid Waste Incinerators are plants that can reach very high temperatures depending on the type of waste and its intended use. Thanks to special chimney filters, it is guaranteed that the resulting gas will not harm the environment. The Environmental Law states that companies generating waste during production must dispose of their waste without harming the environment.  Rather than taking the regularly generated waste out of the premises and making it harmless to the environment, a Solid Waste Incinerator installed at the facility reduces risk and can lower costs in the long run. 

GlassTech Refractory has the expertise and experience to improve your efficiency in waste incinerators, furnace refractory lining installation, refractory dismantle, heating, steel construction manufacturing and assembly processes both during installation and after maintenance. 

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