Container Glass

Kütahya, TURKEY

GCA Container Glass Furnace

  • Customer: GCA
  • Country: Kütahya, TURKEY
  • Project Type: Refractory Lining, Heat-Up, Hot Repair Hot Sealing (Ass, Hr)
  • Year of Completion: 2021-2021
  • Furnace Type: Container Glass
  • Furnace Capacity: 400 tpd

Gürallar Cam Ambalaj (GCA) is a customer we have been working with as Glasstech Refractory for many years.

In this project, where serious problems were experienced due to the start of the project under pandemic conditions, a different construction model was applied by completely leaving the classical assembly plan.

Normally, in all projects, the melting pool is built first, and then the superstructure is laid. The reason for that, is to reduce the possibility of making mistakes in the furnace construction, which is planned in millimeters.

However, the delay in the production and shipment of the base blocks after the project started due to the pandemic caused the team in the field to be completely unoccupied. As a result of the meetings held to find a solution to this problem, the technical teams came to an agreement and found a solution thanks to their trust in each other. In line with this solution, the superstructure was laid before the base blocks were placed. When the construction of the superstructure was completed, the base blocks were delivered, then our team placed the base blocks and finished the furnace construction.

It has been a source of happiness and pride for our team and our company that there were no problems in terms of application and that the furnace received approval from the GCA technical team.

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