Float Furnace

Ankara, TURKEY

Sisecam TR7 Float Line Thermal Cleaning

  • Customer: Sisecem
  • Country: Ankara, TURKEY
  • Project Type: Other, Regenerator Thermal Cleaning
  • Year of Completion: 2021
  • Furnace Type: Float Furnace
  • Furnace Capacity: 750 Tpd

Clogging in regenerators is a situation that seriously affects production capacity.

The production of the Polatlı factory was seriously affected as a result of the blockage in the regenerators that occurred unexpectedly within 7 years in the Polatlı TR7 furnace, which was built by another contractor in 2014. In this context, the need for regenerator bottling service, also known as thermal cleaning, has arisen.

The technique of bottling the regenerators is realized by opening the clogged chambers by extending the long rods, which we call burners, to the eyes in triple inversions. In this process, which is completely manual and requires serious knowledge and experience, it is also necessary to take high security measures to protect human health.

Thanks to our experienced team, the regenerator bottling of the TR7 furnace in the Polatlı factory was completed in a short time, and all the clogged eyes were opened and production efficiency was regained.

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